M27 Smart Motorway J4-J11 – Average Speed Cameras

Worth a quick read from an article on the new M27 Average Speed Cameras……..and Q & A’s
M27 Average Speed Cameras (New Smart Motorway J4-J11)
As you may have clocked, average speed cameras have been installed along the M27. The bright yellow camera gantries, installed over the last few weeks, will be used to enforce a 50mph speed limit once work starts on the M27 smart motorway scheme.
Average speed cameras work by tracking the speed of your car between two points. So slowing down to go through the camera and then speeding up will not work.
Instead, the cameras take your number plate when you pass through the first camera, then your number plate again at the second, and perform a quick calculation based on the current time to work out how long it took you to travel between the two points. If the time it took you to travel is quicker than could be done at the speed limit, you’ll get a fine in the post.So if the speed limit is 30mph and you drove at 35mph for 30 seconds, you’d need to drive at 25mph for 30 seconds to balance it out.
Do the cameras work at night?
Yes. They are fitted with infrared night vision to ensure they work night and day, and in any weather.
Can the cameras run out of film?
No. Unlike some other speed cameras, average speed cameras are all digital. So they can issue an unlimited number of fines.
If a vehicle changes lanes will they avoid any fines?
No. The cameras take pictures of every lane and cross-compare them. So changing lanes won’t save you, contrary to popular belief
If I speed through multiple sets in the same road stretch, will I be fined multiple times?
It’s not likely. Not every camera is paired to every other. So if there are four in a row, your speed between cameras 1 and 3 and 2 and 4 may be compared, or just 1 and 4, etc. But you won’t know which is connected to which.
If you are less than 10 per cent above the limit, will you get a ticket?
National Police Chiefs Council advice previously suggested 10 per cent as a buffer, but this is only advisory and in reality many forces are far stricter, especially as cameras become more accurate. In fact, according to the law you can legally be fined for being just 1mph over.

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M27 junctions 4 to 11 – Smart Motorway

M27 junctions 4 to 11: smart motorway
Highways England are upgrading the M27 between junction 4 (M3 interchange) and junction 11 (Fareham) by turning the hard shoulder into a permanent running lane making a dual four lane, smart motorway.
Region: South East
Start date: 2018-2019
Cost: £244 million

  • The aims of this scheme are to:
    Reduce congestion and smooth the flow of traffic by turning the hard shoulder into a permanent running lane.
    Improve journey time reliability on the strategic road network.
    Support the economy and facilitate economic growth by providing increased capacity on the motorway.
    Continue to deliver a high level of safety performance on the network using Smart Motorway techniques.
    Minimise environmental impacts of the scheme and where possible allow for enhancements to be made to the environment.


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Heathrow Expansion

MPs say yes to Heathrow Expansion, as Parliament vote passes Airports National Policy Statement. (June, 2018)

In a landmark vote, Parliament backed expanding Heathrow – ending decades of political debate on one of the UK’s most pressing infrastructure issues. MPs from across political parties joined forces to support the Government’s Airports National Policy Statement. The vote clears the way for Heathrow to submit an application for development consent for the project – billions of pounds will be spent in growth and creating tens of thousands of new skilled jobs across the UK in the early years of Brexit.

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